What should each class do?

Each class should organize whatever activites they feel would be prudent for their class location with these restrictions:

  2. No Alcoholic Beverages, Drugs or Smoking. Smoking is permitted in the parking lot.
  3. No commercial activities other than selling of individual class alumni T-Shirts. Official All-Class Reunion shirts are available for sale by Hi-Q Products.
  4. No loud audio systems ie: music, DJ’s or live entertainment.  This is already provided by the Alumni organizers.
  5. Class usable space is 40′ x 40′ for classes 1970-2009. Classes 2010-2015 will have slightly different dimensions. View the information document for details.  Be aware that there will be a $25 fee to commercial tent vendors so inform them of this requirement when ordering.

This are a few suggestions for class organizers:

Seating for class members, probably around the edges with a gathering place in the middle

Organizers, if you want to seek donations to help with the cost, it’s easy to setup a Donate Now! button. Setup a PayPal account or use an organizers or volunteers account, and provide us with the link to the donation page.  We’ll be glad to add it to your class information. If you prefer to not use PayPal, provide us with whatever method you are using to gather donations and we’ll post that information.

DISCLAIMER:The HHA does not take any responsibility for any funds donated via any class donation link or class donation information that we post on the website.  We are offering to post this donation information solely as a convenience to the class organizers and volunteers so they can inform members of the class or any other persons.

Tent: Should be big enough to hold at least 50% of the graduate class size.  Suggest 10 sq.ft. per person.  So if your class size was 90 members, then a tent to hold 45 class members plus one additional person or 90 people should be sufficient. The tent size should be about 30’x30’.  If you’d are going to include tables, allow another 60 ft for each table, room to move around.  Example: You are planning for 100 people with two tables, that would be a minimum of 1120 sq. ft so a standard 30’x40’ tent should be fine. We recommend a Pole Tent layout with sidewalls in case of inclement weather.  Maximum usuable space for each class is 40’x40′.

Tent Capacity Chart:  http://www.thepartyplacepdx.com/tips/Tentchart.pdf

Display table: * Yearbooks
* Photos / mementoes of school days
* Teacher Display – List of teachers for the class with or without photos
* Memorial Display – Some type of printed page that list those who class members who have passed away with or without photos.
* Military Display – Some type of printed page with or without photos of members who have served in any of the military branches: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard
Banner Sign A banner sign to put across the front to display your class pride!  If you put up a ten, better yet, put one on all 4 sides of the tent.
Class Shirts: Contact Class Organizer for vendor contact information. We recommend K-time in Headland or Hi-Q in Abbeville.