How can I help with my class?

We are looking for two organizers for each class as well as volunteers to get your class location setup and your own activities arranged.  If you want to be an organizer or a volunteer, be sure to send us your contact information with email, phone, and address.  I am adding a contact for each member grouped by class for future use by the HHA but only the email address will be published.  Any other contact information will only be used internally by the HHA.

If you were a class officer, specify which class officer position you held.  If you held a title or other position, we’d like to know that too.

For the organizers, if you would like to disseminate what the class is going to do for the reunion, send the details to us and we’ll be glad to post it on your HHA website class page.  If you view the classe layout on the site, you will see that class organizers and volunteers with their email links are listed.  Once we start posting details, there will be a ‘Read More’ button below the volunteers which will go to that class page to show the details for what you have planned to do at your class location.