Our First HHS All Class Reunion was a blast!



Well, the first Headland High All-Class Reunion is over!!!! I’ve been overwhelmed by all of the thank you’s and inbox messages. It makes me feel so good that you had a good time. There is NO WAY ON EARTH that I could have done any of this with out the committee helping me.

Now, I get a chance to publicly thank you:

Ann Rhodes Bottoms, THANK YOU!!! Boy, even with physical challenges you didn’t leave me. EVERYTIME I CALLED YOU, YOU CAME. I will never forget our conversations.

Craig Dixon you have become an HHS ROCKSTAR!!!!! I don’t even have to say a word about what you did during this reunion process. Your hard work will forever live on.

Antavis Reeves thanks for being my silent body guard on our MONDAY night calls. You protected me when no one else knew lol. I will always love you.

Delphanie Stovall and Stephanie Dawsey your Basket Ball game was a SUCCESS!!!!!! The gym was PACKED. Thanks again.

Wanda Floyd-McKay Thanks for coordinating the worship service at Greater Shiloh. The church was packed yesterday and the honorees were overwhelmed.

Pamela Fain THANK YOU for coordinating the food vendors. There were lots of tasty goodies….even watermelon out there.
The food of course added to the fellowship. Thanks

Margaret Whatley Howard That WELCOME CENTER ROCKED!!!!!! You stepped in and soared. Thank you so much!!!!

Tara Evans Thank you for being my private secretary. I really appreciate it!!!!!

Brittany Hurst thanks for helping with cleanup!!!!! The park looked untouched when I showed up yesterday.

Gfrank Hamilton Thanks for coordinating the volunteers. We couldn’t have pulled it together without you.

Luke Douglas THANK YOU!!!!!!! As MUCH as we fought, I have come to respect you so much!!!!!! You did EVERYTHING that you said you’d do and worked so hard for US……..NOT ME!!! My goodness, if people only knew some challenges that we had and each time with a smile and a laugh you’d say to me ” Sherri, People Are People”. Luke, yes they are.

rainbowWith anything this large, there were obstacles but we made it with God’s help. He ALWAYS PUTS A RAINBOW IN THE CLOUDS.

The Headland High All-Class Reunion thanks our sponsors for helping us make this reunion possible. We encourage our alumni to shop at and thank these sponsors for their support

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Chairperson: Sherri Johnson, Class of 1986

Committee Members (by year):

  • Margaret Whatley Howard, Class of 1963
  • Luke Douglas, Class of 1968
  • George Frank Hamilton, Class of 1978
  • Craig Dixon, Class of 1979
  • Ann Rhodes Bottoms, Class of 1980
  • Wanda Floyd, Class of 1981
  • Stephanie Brown Dawsey, Class of 1988
  • Delphanie Stovall, Class of 1990
  • Julie Johnson, Class of 1991
  • Brittany Hurst Jolly, Class of 2004
  • Antavis Reeves, Class of 2008
  • Tara Evans, Class of 2012

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